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A Consultant Is As A Consultant Does

A Consultant Is As A Consultant Does (part one)

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In this video, Articulate's principal consultant, Glenn R Harrington,

answers the question, "What does a consultant do?"

"We got exactly what we had needed: a trustworthy professional from outside our organization who'd develop a sharp understanding of our situation in a short time, then use that keen comprehension of how things were to shift our thinking toward how things could be. Harrington demonstrated the drive and the people skills, first to propose and get us to commit to a feasible plan; second to guide us in making a singular vision come true. He also stepped aside once we were ready to take full ownership of the process that he had enabled."

- composite statement from managers and directors of a Canadian business

"Indispensable coaching and consulting."

- AC, Researcher & Columnist, Victoria BC, Canada

"Excellent guidance on important issues."

- MG, Personal/Professional Coach, Vancouver BC, Canada

"The name is perfect: Articulate Consultants."

- AH and MF, Spokespeople, Washington DC, USA

"The Articulate Consultants motto: Bright minds, clear communication. That says it perfectly."

- WS, Business Development Manager, Toronto ON, Canada

"Respectful from the start. Results that persist over time if you continue to follow the advice given."

- CB, Retailer, Toronto ON, Canada

"When you need an intelligent, eloquent outside professional to get involved in your higher-level business decisions, and you're willing to follow good advice, call Articulate Consultants."

- RP, Management Consultant, Edmonton AB, Canada

"Considerate and insightful, possessing a very helpful alternative perspective."

- MK, VP of Marketing, San Diego Calif, USA

"Very good at explaining and describing things."

- CL, Communications Director, Winnipeg MB, Canada

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