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Deliver a Compelling Elevator Speech every time!

Compel them to ask you for your business card in 30 seconds.

Imagine riding an elevator when one of the other passengers asks you, “What do you do?” You intend to step off at the next floor. You have about 30 seconds to answer the question. Can you answer so compellingly that you are asked for your business card before the elevator stops?

Succeed at this simple test.

This is the test of an effective elevator speech: To be asked for your card by a stranger after a self-introduction that lasts no longer than thirty seconds.

Make it meaningful to them.

This is especially important to people whose success depends on requesting referrals, responding to referrals, meeting people at events, and other forms of networking. Indeed, when people ask what you do, they are often most satisfied when you tell them what problems you solve then ask for a gauge of importance to them.

Make it work in context.

Articulate Consultants not only provides coaching on how to answer the question, “What do you do?” compellingly, but also how to ask the same question to start conversations that boost sales effectiveness through in-person networking.

Read all about it.

The articles at the links below discuss the content and delivery of a compelling elevator speech with real elevator speech examples.

What do you do?

Article: How To Make Networking Boost Your Sales Success

When people ask what you do, you have 30 seconds to answer. Do not shut down the conversation with succinct straight-talk about yourself. Instead, answer so that they want to talk about what you do.

Explains why most elevator speeches prove ineffective.

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Article: What Makes A Compelling Elevator Speech: Escaping or Avoiding Pain

When people ask what you do, do not talk about yourself. Rather, describe concisely the problems that you solve. Then, state that you help to stop or to avoid such pains. Now your business card is worth asking for.

Includes elevator speech samples.
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Article: In A Compelling Elevator Speech, Say Why People Buy from You

You have 30 seconds to demonstrate relevance when people ask what you do. Do not be shy about naming three problems you solve. That’s more compelling than smiles and enthusiasm.

Includes rationale for breaking the "negativity" taboo.
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Article: A Compelling Elevator Speech: The Real Thing Happened to Me

Linda O'Neil has an encounter in an elevator with Glenn R. Harrington, champion of the Compelling Elevator Speech. How to get strangers to ask you for your business card? The secret: A compelling elevator speech is not about you. It's about the pains you relieve.

Includes sample elevator speech.
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Article: The Elevator Speech That You Whisper

When people ask what you do, describe emotionally the pains that you relieve. Whispering is the polite way to do that – and it really gets them to listen. Then, state that you rescue people from those pains. They’ll ask for your business card.

Includes elevator speech examples.
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Article: Use A Compelling Elevator Speech to Hook New Prospects

Every child who asks “What’s your favourite colour?” gets to name theirs. Likewise, the self-employed ought to ask people “What do you do?” and use their turn at answering to hook prospective clients with a compelling elevator speech.

Includes elevator speech samples.
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