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Articulate Values

What makes Articulate tick.

Many find comfort in discovering a company whose values harmonize with their own. Articulate's business values, appearing in words here, manifest in action when serving clients:

  • eloquence: using well-chosen words meaningfully.
  • alignment: keeping all work in sync with core values.
  • neutrality of advice: keeping client goals our focus without bias.
  • authenticity: relevant, verifiable truthfulness in all communications.
  • empowerment: enabling and encouraging clients to create their own success.
  • value-based fees: whenever feasible, fixed up-front, instead of by-the-hour billing.
  • high value: aiming to maximize long-term returns from efficiently dedicated efforts.
  • collaboration: engaging the right people in the right ways to create success together.
  • wholism: appropriate immersion in the context of each project toward a comprehensive solution.
  • efficiency: always preferring the most economical way to achieve project goals without compromise.
  • integrated marketing: maintaining a singular view of a brand, regardless what media convey its message.
  • shared understanding: success requires one party's understanding to foster other parties' same understanding.

customer experience always in mind

In working with you to develop your brand, Articulate Consultants aim to clarify simply what makes you a go-to or a must-see resource, then to incorporate this knowledge into efforts to increase awareness of your brand in your target market in ways that resound and that elicit the response you seek.


appropriate client involvement essential

In working with you on marketing your brand, Articulate Consultants focus on what actually attracts the business you seek. Problem solvers for independent businesses seeking to get more good business affordably, Articulate Consultants draw upon each client's in-house knowledge and expertise as appropriate to facilitate success.


wordcraft like rocket science

Complex ideas can be easily understood. Sometimes that requires wordcraft expertise. Likewise, simple ideas often require a strategic dash of clever eloquence to fulfil their potential as powerful simple ideas.

In working with you to deliver a more compelling verbal message to your market, Articulate wordsmiths aim to make it easy for your readers and listeners to understand clearly and to act decisively.

authenticity rules

Because authenticity is a core value of Articulate Consultants, this article and this article elucidate how authenticity rules.

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