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for authentic, effective business relationship management.

why even bother

Q: The world adopted social media years ago. This led to the abandonment of many newsletters. Aren’t newsletters outdated anyway?

A: In addition to standing out in a world full of social media, really good newsletters typically generate better results today than ever. While the number of e-newsletters remains high, this has become especially true of good print-and-mail newsletters issued four or six times per year.

The top two reasons for this:

  • Many people feel overloaded by on-screen communications. They often have little time even for web-delivered communications that they want.
  • Effectiveness at social media requires high quality and high frequency of contact Yet, if you say too much too often, you must try harder to get and to keep people’s attention each time. In contrast, readers of meaningful newsletters that reliably arrive a few times per year often look forward to their arrival.

relief for newsletter pains

Articulate’s Newsletter Doctor service came about in recognition that many newsletter issuers feel discouraged with such difficulties as these:

  • issuing complete newsletters on time.
  • maintaining consistently high quality.
  • generating dependably good results.

common newsletter problems

For the issuer of a newsletter:

  • A newsletter that people receive but do not read (or, in the case of e-newsletters, seldom click for more) can diminish the relationship between the issuer and the recipient, thus proving worse than no newsletter at all.

For the recipients of a newsletter:

  • Particularly e-mail newsletters often create a feeling of burden or nuisance for subscribers as unread newsletters accumulate in their in-boxes or deleted folders. This typically detracts from how newsletter recipients feel about the newsletter issuer.

To click “unsubscribe” is not an act of brand loyalty. It indicates active disengagement from a brand.

aim for this

Most newsletter issuers consider frequent contact good. Some realize that meaningful contact with custom content at often-lower frequency can drive better results. When readers consider an authentic, original newsletter a treat to read every time, that can help invaluably at:

  • maintaining hundreds or thousands of business relationships meaningfully over time.
  • generating good-quality referrals from the best source — current and inactive clients.
  • reinvigorating inactive business relationships, at least as referral-generators.
  • developing or increasing the depth of many business relationships.

remain involved

A newsletter requires your involvement in each issue if you expect it to help you:

  • to develop and maintain loyalty to your brand.
  • to deepen your business relationships.
  • to generate qualified referrals.

People recognize and appreciate authenticity when they see it. This requires your direct involvement each time.

work with a newsletter expert

Many consider themselves too busy for regular involvement in a newsletter. They seek a turn-key solution; something off-the-shelf that can be customized. This typically leads to failure through a newsletter that recipients perceive as inauthentic, and other brand-diminishing effects.

The key, then: to limit and leverage your involvement. This is where Articulate Consultants newsletter experts can help.

get Articulate experience on your side

Articulate's principal consultant, Glenn R Harrington, has reliably demonstrated expertise at collaborative newsletter creation since before he founded the company in 1996. He has developed a flexible, collaborative process and manages it to limit client involvement to the appropriate and necessary.

these returns on investment

For people who need to develop and maintain hundreds or thousands of business relationships over time, the benefits of Articulate's expert involvement in client newsletters include:

  • more business per client.
  • more, better referrals.
  • lower cost per sale.

this is possible

Imagine an authentic, effective custom newsletter that develops and maintains meaningful contact with readers who welcome each issue. Imagine reliable net returns on your newsletter investment. With Articulate Consultants involved, these are not just possible.

let the newsletter doctor relieve your newsletter pain

Newsletter problem solving and newsletter problem avoidance remain Articulate Consultants specialties. Since 1996, Harrington plus Articulate staff and associates have guided the successful turn-around of many a newsletter. They have also led the launch of successful newsletters from people who had never issued a newsletter before. Articulate Consultants can make newsletter success more achievable.


Case Study: Newsletter-based Client Referral Program for Personal Injury Law Firm

A law firm specializing in disability and insurance law wanted clients whose cases had been closed to provide good referrals. Proving doubters wrong, they found that a newsletter focused on client relationship maintenance could generate qualified referrals.

Accurate case study includes details.

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Article: Why Most Newsletters Don't Work

             part one: Success and How to Monitor It

Some people think newsletters don’t work. Often, they’re right. This article discusses how to gauge and achieve newsletter success.

Includes tips on what numbers to watch.
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Article: Why Most Newsletters Don't Work

             part two: For Effective Newsletter Content, Get Real

Client newsletters do generate results. Yet, many business people who issue a newsletter find it frustrating to generate the results they want. Those not willing to give up on their client newsletter need to get real about newsletter content.

Includes tips on performance expectations and measures.

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Article: Newsletter Pain or Pleasure?  

Is a client newsletter a waste of time or a goldmine? This article discuses how it could be either, and supports an informed decision toward newsletter success.

Includes tips making a newsletter an engaging brand-management tool.
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Article: Do Not Write Your Own Newsletter

            We already know: You’re an expert.            

Why not write your own newsletter? Because it’s not common sense. Newsletter and loyalty expert Glenn R Harrington explains how to do better.

Includes a simple formula for appropriate involvement ensuring authenticity.
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Individuals and groups can book consulting by telephone with newsletter expert Glenn R Harrington of Articulate Consultants. Click here for booking information.

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