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Glenn R Harrington  

Glenn R Harrington, BA

Principal Consultant

"A marketing wordsmith fond of authentic key messages, I am particularly interested in niche marketing for independent businesses.

I believe that every independent business has potential to be fulfilled, sometimes better than key people are aware of. Despite company founders typically investing much time, energy, money, and creativity in their venture, I play an indispensible role as an impartial expert helping to ensure that the founding vision may come to fruition as well as it can.

Articulate clients want their company to fulfil its potential in alignment with a clear purpose and certain values, serving a well-defined market. I specialize in consulting to identify ideal clients, then to articulate meaningful, authentic key messages effectively to people who match the ideal client profile. This fosters more good business at lower cost-per-sale.

Since I founded Articulate Consultants in January, 1996, I have studied and helped others to integrate the Law of Focus with their sales and marketing efforts. Years before, I had already begun learning about business from my father and my grandfather. I started my first job at age 13 in the family hardware store. I understand small business best. I find satisfaction in helping people who oversee businesses to solve problems and succeed."

the other consultants  

Special Consultants

Articulate Consultants works with several on-call independent consultants. When it maximizes value to the client, Articulate clients benefit from the involvement of these consulting associates.

Articulate's consulting associates share Articulate's basic values and mission. They are articulate and they augment Articulate's resources in service to its clients.