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Problems that Articulate Consultants help to solve


Since 1996, a core strength of Articulate Consultants has been expertise at helping independent businesses to fulfil their potential by refocusing marketing and brand management based on authenticated key messages. From this, integrated marketing and brand management can help to attract more of the business they want cost-effectively.

At the core, Articulate works with independent business marketers who:

  • struggle to position their enterprise as a distinct, unique source for what they offer so that customers should bypass their competitors.
  • find it disappointing that the customer experience that makes some people loyal is not well known or widely appreciated.
  • feel frustrated that their offerings are simplistically regarded as equal to competitors’, rather than specifically worth seeking out.

Since 1996, Articulate Consultants has worked with people in various fields to address a variety of strategic and tactical concerns.

Articulate works with self employed individuals who:

  • struggle to develop brand equity in their own name.
  • need to distinguish their unique value as an enterprise; not be perceived as merely another self-employed individual.
  • want to get business clients by positioning themselves as must-see experts, and to get institutional clients either by bypassing the proposal-writing process or by creating winning proposals as efficiently as possible.

Articulate works with management teams and boards of directors who:

  • struggle to define or redefine their organizational mission meaningfully and effectively.
  • get frustrated trying to clarify their ideal client profile or unique value proposition with certainty.
  • have difficulty drawing wanted attention to their products and services in terms of client experience.

Articulate works with white-collar professionals such as lawyers who:

  • feel disappointed at the lost opportunity when they learn that a client went to another firm to address needs that their own firm could have handled competently.
  • feel exasperated that the best options for advertising tend to be crowded with competitors, making the cost high for an ad that might not pay for itself.
  • happily receive referrals but feel unhappy about their quality, wishing that they had to disqualify fewer and could get more of the good business by referral.

Articulate works with people on committees responsible for important documents who:

  • want to avoid documents that they develop going before the public eye and not reflecting their work as well as possible.
  • get concerned when they’re involved in a multi-author document and each author has followed different standards, risking an embarrassingly inconsistent final draft and a revision process likely to irk some of the contributors.
  • just want to focus on getting good content into important documents and not have to worry about tidying up the structure, ensuring proper grammar everywhere, or getting all of the formatting just right.

Articulate works with business development managers from consulting firms who:

  • hate making sales calls.
  • get infuriated when they lose a contract to a competitor.
  • resent the risks of working long and hard to prepare proposals for just a chance at a contract.

Articulate works with account executives who:

  • feel disappointed about not getting enough 'face time' in the community to find prospects through personal networking, then encounter a low success rate when they do meet new people.
  • agonize over lost business from clients not yet referred to them when a valued client moves to another province or state.
  • regard themselves as having succeeded to a point of being exempt from active prospecting for new clients, yet secretly feel guilty about not growing their clientele to a higher level by actively prospecting.

Articulate works with credit union marketers who:

  • get frustrated that the depth-of-relationship with many members could be greater but does not change while they take part their business elsewhere.
  • feel resigned about dealing with ad agencies that focus on their own creativity and winning awards and do not seem to create high value for the high fees they charge.
  • constantly need to distinguish their unique value as a community credit union; not to be perceived as just an alternative bank.

Until a problem or set of problems is clearly understood in context, a bullseye-hit solution can only happen by chance. This is why clients of Articulate Consultants get involved in the diagnosis of their situation, contribute to the prescription of a solution, and participate in implementing the solution. In every case, Articulate aims to embody the motto bright minds, clear communication while aiming for the highest probability of success.

If you identify with any of the situations mentioned here, and are willing to participate in the examination and resolution of your concerns, then contact Articulate Consultants for a free discovery session.


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